Series of Home Design at Xtend-Studio

Stylish Bathroom Wall Tiles

Installing bathroom wall tiles can be a great idea if you want to change the look of your bathroom. Bathroom wall tiles are not only decorative, but they are functional as well. They make a waterproof shield between the wall and the moisture from the ...

Bathroom , Stylish Bathroom Wall Tiles : Ceramic Bathroom Wall Tiles

Delightful Living Room Wall Mirrors

A home is a showpiece that displays your personal tastes and values. Each part of the home makes a statement and should reflect the owner's individual way of life. Decorating your living room with wall mirrors can drastically change the living room appearance. Living room ...

Decor , Delightful Living Room Wall Mirrors : Contemporary Living Room Wall Mirrors

Bright Yellow Paint Colors For Interior Walls

Choosing interior paint colors for your home is also crucial, because painting the interior is not done on a regular basis, but after a gap of many years. Therefore, it is essential that we choose colors we will like for a long time to come. ...

Interior , Bright Yellow Paint Colors For Interior Walls : Kitchen Yellow Paint Colors